East & West Elementary Remodel Project FAQ

The Independence Community School District is in the process of a large renovation and update project at both East and West Elementary buildings. Below is a quick FAQ about the project.

What’s the plan?

The ICSD plans to renovate and update both East and West elementary buildings.

East Elementary – A new nurse’s office, renovated front office, an ADA approved ramp for students to get into the art room, a new book room, a new guidance office, and some updates to classrooms.

West Elementary – Five new 6th grade classrooms, sufficient bathrooms for 100+ 6th graders, a new art room, two special education rooms,

conversion of the current gym stage to a band room, an updated vocal music room, and demolition of the old metal building on the West side of the current structure. Once that is removed, we plan to put a new road on the West side of the school to reach the baseball/softball complex.

What’s the cost?

We are working with HSR Architects and Larson’s construction on this $3.6 million dollar project. The district will be using funds from the state-wide penny and this project will NOT increase local taxes.

What’s the timeline?

Our goal is to have the project completed before the 2021-22 school year is started this August.

If you have questions about the project, please contact the administration building at 319-334-7400.