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Communications and Marketing Guidelines

ICSD Communications Plan

With many avenues available to deliver the school district’s information to the community, having a plan as to how the district will use these resources is necessary.

This Independence Community School District Communications Plan provides a clear and concise framework for connection with our school community. Our hope is, with the items listed in this plan, we are able to improve both our internal and external communication system.

ICSD Communication Plan-2022 Update

ICSD Marketing Plan

One of the goals of any school district is to establish a familiar, recognizable, and consistent identity. Like other such entities, Independence Community School District (ICSD) works hard to accomplish this and then to maintain consistency in terms of the message, tone, look, and feel of our paper and electronic publications and presentations. Our logo is an important element in that effort; it is The graphic representation of the ICSD, and in order for it to do its job – that is, to serve as a familiar, immediately recognizable identity element of the district, it has to be presented in a consistent manner.

There are essentially 3 variations of ICSD trademarks that are acceptable, they appear below.

Independence logo IIndependence logo I whiteIndependence logo mustang

Logo Guidelines

Use one of the three versions of the logo above. Do not change it in any way, except to size proportionally as needed. Do not add circles, incorporate images, change the font, etc. Make sure that it does not overlap or “crash” into other graphic elements. The logos above, by the way, are samples. To secure a logo for a project, please send e-mail to the Activities Director. We will send you a high- or low-resolution version, as needed, in short order.

The logos may be presented in black and white in a black and white presentation.

Incorporating the Logo into a Design

The ICSD logo/trademarks may be placed within a design motif, provided the design is appropriate to the standing, mission, and reputation of the Independence Community School District, AND provided that the logo is one of the three versions above and is intact. For instance, if a design motif included running a flurry of leaves across a T-shirt, the ICSD logo could be placed inside the flurry, but it could not be incorporated into a leaf form. The guideline is to leave space around the logo so that it doesn’t become linked to other design elements. Please submit all such designs to the Activities Director.

Logo Usage Policy

Click here to obtain the ICSD Logo Policy


Individuals or groups who wish to sell items bearing the ICSD name and/or logo are required to obtain an ICSD license.


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Putz, Justin
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Communication is a key element in helping to ensure the success of your student in the ICSD. We encourage sharing of information between home and school.