Administration Building

ICSD Administration

Superintendent: Cynthia Phillips

Address: 1207 1st Street West
Independence, IA 50644

Phone: 319-334-7400

Office: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm


ELP - Extended Learning Plan

The Independence Community School District Extended Learning Program (ELP) will strive to provide services for youth who perform at levels notably advanced for their age/grade level. The ELP provides differentiated instruction; emphasizes rigor and challenge; and explores various learning environments, academic opportunities, and affective growth opportunities in the K-12 setting. The purpose of formal identification for ELP is to serve gifted students whose specific aptitude and/or general intellectual needs require classroom differentiation and enrichment to ensure appropriate learning opportunities. ICSD is committed to providing these students with a learning environment flexible enough to allow a diversity of options in order to maximize their potential.

Extended Learning Hanbook

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