IASB Annual Convention touts theme “Unlocking Potential” School board members and educators will convene Nov. 19-21

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IASB Annual Convention touts theme “Unlocking Potential”
School board members and educators will convene Nov. 19-21

Des Moines, IA (November 3, 2014) – More than 1,200 school and AEA board members and administrators from across the state will gather in November for the 69th Annual Convention of the Iowa Association of School Boards at the Iowa Events Center. This year’s schedule will include programs of interest to districts of all sizes, as well as nationally-renowned keynote speakers Will Richardson, Chris Lehmann and Shannon McClintock Miller.

Independence Community School District (ICSD) board members attending this conference include Board President, Brian Eddy and Vice-President, Shelly Whited.

For a full schedule and other information about the convention, please visit www.ia-sb.org/convention. Follow the IASB 2014 Convention on Twitter at #IASB14.Delegate Assembly – Representatives from school and AEA boards in Iowa will gather Wednesday at 9 a.m. to vote on this year’s legislative priorities for the upcoming session.

  • School Finance Boot Camp –Iowa school board members and education leaders will attend three levels of in-depth finance training sessions to learn about school budgets in the current financial environment.
  • Nationally recognized keynote speakers – Educational thinker, writer and change advocate Will Richardson will speak during the Opening General Session about “Modern Learners and Modern Leaders: Decision Making for Schools in the New, Globally Networked World” and share how the technological and communications revolution have changed the way we learn. Founding principal at the Science Leadership Academy Chris Lehmann will speak during the Second General Session about “Building School 2.0: Creating the Schools We Need.” For the Closing General Session, award-winning teacher librarian Shannon McClintock Miller will be joined by Iowa students to tell their story of successful collaboration during “Be the Change You Want (to See) W ithin Your Schools.”
  • Education sessions – Experts from near and far will offer education sessions on topics dealing with finance, communication, legislative advocacy, technology, open meetings and public records, collective bargaining and much more.
  • Networking Discussions and Deeper Dialogues – Networking opportunities are offered throughout the convention on a variety of topics as far-ranging as school safety, school foundations, school finance and much more.
  • Awards to deserving boards who are making a difference for students – They include the annual Boards Making a Difference Award and the Better Boardsmanship Award, which goes to individual school boards in which the majority of their board members have dedicated time and work to board training and advocacy efforts.

IASB is a private, nonprofit organization representing Iowa’s 338 school districts,

9 area education agencies and 15 community colleges.

ICSD School Board Vice-President, Shelly Whited.

ICSD School Board Vice-President, Shelly Whited.

ICSD School Board President, Brian Eddy.

ICSD School Board President, Brian Eddy.