ICSD Ag Ed Program Harvest Beans

October 8, 2014 (Independence, IA) – On Friday, September 26th the Independence Community School District’s Agricultural Education program harvested their bean crop. The Ad Ed program extends their sincere gratitude to the many 2014 harvest volunteers, which include:

  • Chiseling – Kent Wilson and Jon Blin (Farmers United Network Fund )
  • Seed donation – Alex & Ethan Henderson (Channel), Brett Vogel and Carson & Barron Farms (Pioneer)
  • Field Cultivating – Pat Donnelly (Behan Farms)
  • Stalk Rolling – Julie Osborne (Behan Farms)
  • Spraying – Tony Rouse (Pine Creek Custom)
  • Planting – Rick Alber (Alber Farms)
  • Combining – Gary Crawford and Gerold Burco
  • Trucking and Storage – IAS
  • Chemicals – CPS

The bean crop was planted on the Agricultural Education program’s 50 acres of field, located on the East side of the Jr. /Sr. High School building, providing easy access from the classroom to the field. The profits from each year’s harvest are used to support the Agriculture Education program.

To learn more about the Ag Ed program, visit the ICSD website, then click on the Programs tab and select Agricultural Education from the drop down options.


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