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December 8, 2015 (Independence, IA) – From the Deuces Wild Piano show to the Fall production of Peter Pan, the Independence Mustang AV Tech Club students and volunteers have been hard at work behind the scenes on a variety of recent district and community productions; and with the approaching holiday concerts coming up, there is no rest for the weary.

AV Tech Club Coordinator, Travis McBride, states “To date, the AV Tech Club student members have spent well over 2 weeks preparing the stage and auditorium for this year’s shows; which will feature four district events and two community acts. All six events will require production skills and effort of these students. Whether it’s operating the lights on stage, a spot light, or filming the performance for future playback, our students are able to learn hands on in the field which otherwise is an experience most would have to wait until college for.”

The list of projects the AV Tech Club assists with throughout the year include home football games (video, audio and lighting), volleyball video marketing, AVTN (Audio Visual Tech Network) news, community theater/rentals (such as the recent Deuces Wild show), vocal/band concerts, district play/musical, basketball, wrestling, pep band, district concerts and graduation. Offering such an array of occasions, students get the chance to work in a variety of areas such as graphic design, video animation, video production, audio production, lighting, TV and more.

Through these events and outside performers using the ICSD Jr/Sr High School Auditorium, the AV Tech students have had the opportunity to work one-on-one with community professionals who volunteer at the auditorium and alongside professional broadcasters from Mediacom and KCRG TV. Students are a part of setup, operation, and post production while also getting to work first hand with professional entertainers.

“So far, nearly 25 students representing all grades 7th -12th have had a hand in producing this school year’s productions from the football home game productions to our current large scale project – the annual district winter concerts. With the amazing new auditorium and school building, our students have had the chance to expand our concert productions each year. This year will be no different as the students and our auditorium community volunteers have been developing bigger and better surprises that will culminate to the last public holiday performance on Monday, December 21st for the High School Holiday Concert.” McBride also mentions, “With AV Tech, it’s easy for these students to put in a lot of work and receive very little recognition as they often do their work before the events begin. During events, members operate the logistics and equipment used in performances; but often are in the shadows, backstage, or blending in to keep each event at a professional level. So, if you see an AV Tech Club member, be sure to thank them for all of their hard work!”

To catch a glimpse of the backstage happenings, see the newest AVTN commercial or learn more about the Independence Mustangs AV Tech Club visit their Facebook page, Instagram feed, Website or the Independence Mustangs AV Tech Club YouTube Channel.
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