ICSD Building Trades Program Announce Potential 2016/2017 Project


Plan for the Building Trades Tiny House

Plan for the Building Trades Tiny House

August 9, 2016, (Independence, IA) – With the beginning of the 2016/2017 just around the corner, the Independence Community School District Building Trades Program is excited to announce this year’s project to the community will be a tiny house. Yes, the ICSD is joining the tiny house movement which brings a fun opportunity to our school district and to the community.

The tiny house movement is a social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. A tiny house has endless possibilities including  a cabin on the river, man cave, she shed, extra bedroom for visiting family, mother-in-law suite, “at home” office, garden retreat or recreational cottage; this tiny house can serve any of these purposes.

For this project to move forward, the tiny house will need to be pre-sold. The house will be built by students participating in the Building Trades Program throughout the upcoming school year. By working on the tiny house, students will gain knowledge of building and invaluable construction skills.

The tiny house will be built on the Junior / Senior High School grounds where students will construct the shell of the house. For an additional cost, the Building Trades Program can finish the interior of the house to the owner’s specifications. After completion, the owner will be responsible for moving the tiny house to the location of their choice. The completed tiny house shell is for sale for $9,000.

Trish O’Loughlin states: “The Building Trades program has been a tradition and an asset in this community for over 40 years.  My students and I are very excited to be partnered with a community member to build this project.”

The initial plans for the tiny house show a size of 16’ x 24’ or 384 sq. ft. The interior layout option includes a full bathroom, separate bedroom and an open concept kitchen/living area. The complete project will be customizable to fit the buyer’s needs, including the size, exterior and interior layout and finishes.

Jr./ Sr. High School Principal John Howard says, “As the principal, I have been very impressed with the work ethic, commitment and quality results produced by students and Mrs. O’Loughlin. There is no doubt this new project will be yet another example of these positive characteristics.”

To purchase the tiny house or for more detailed information, please contact Trish O’Loughlin at toloughlin@independence.k12.ia.us