ICSD to Host STEMi This Week

March 8, 2017, (Independence, IA) – The Independence Community School District (ICSD) is proud to host the Hawkeye Community College STEMi on our Jr./Sr. High Campus this week.

Student Mackenzie Hupke had this to say about her experience on the STEMi, “I enjoyed being able to go on the STEMi today and being able to experiment with the different types of technology they had. I liked the computers because we could do different activities, and have them be in 3D and everyone got a chance to try them out. I also liked the projector because we could see the inside of different animals, but we didn’t have to dissect them.”

Hawkeye Community College has made a commitment to advance STEM by providing cutting edge, educational and career exploration opportunities through our mobile learning lab – the Mobile STEM Exploratorium. This extended semi-trailer serves as a 3D computer lab equipped with multiple hands-on 3D experiences. They have outfitted the STEMi with the highest level of personal immersion, interactive, cutting-edge technology that make abstract concepts tangible. The STEMi provides a unique, immersive experience that allows authentic exploration of objects not readily available to schools – e.g. chemical molecules and a human heart. It provides a comprehensive set of detailed, interactive and educational content focused on aiding in the learning and exploration of natural phenomena, biological concepts, physics, mechanical systems, and more.

Science teacher Mr. Shannon states, “The students were intrigued with the 3D experience that STEMi presented them. It allowed them to look at various organisms and organs. There was almost too much information there to test out within the class period that was provided. Students also got to try some 3D activities like feeding fish in an aquarium, doing some Newton’s Laws Experiments and looking at structures of buildings with the opportunity to check out each layer!  Overall, it was a great experience for our students and I look forward to see what we can use with the STEMi in the future that we have not learned yet.”

STEM semi truck trailer with Hawkeye Community College logo


Students touring STEM trailer

If you would like more information about the Hawkeye Community College STEMi, please contact Hawkeye’s STEM Coordinator,Jill Dobson, at jill.dobson@hawkeyecollege.edu. For More information about the Independence Community School District, visit their website: www.independence.k12.ia.us or call 319-334-7400.


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