ICSD Mentoring Program Partners with Local Big Brothers Big Sisters

June 21, 2016 (Independence, IA)
The Independence Community School District (ICSD) is continually seeking ways to meet the needs of all local students in the community, in this spirit, the District is eager to announce the partnership of the ICSD Mentoring Program with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa (BBBS) . The partnership, set to begin on July 1, 2016, strives to assist community youth in reaching their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships as well as collaborating on events and fundraising throughout the year.

Mustang Mentoring LogoThe ICSD Mentoring Program will continue to be a school based program; where mentoring is done only during the school year and school day, or at special events arranged by the ICSD Mentoring Coordinator. The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa Program will be serving Fayette and Buchanan County. In Independence they will be offering mostly community based only; meaning mentors and children part of their program will meet outside of the school setting and all year long.

With the partnership in place, the ICSD Mentoring Program and BBBS will be able to refer students in grades K-12 who would potentially benefit from a mentor under a community based program. The programs match mentor and mentee based on common interests or the ability to assist particular youth in any area of concern and compile program evaluation data at the end of the academic year for District use.

ICSD Mentoring Coordinator, Val Maximovich noted, “We are pleased to offer the community based option for those students that would benefit from a relationship outside of the school day, and we look forward to the partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters.”

For more information on the partnership between the ICSD Mentoring Program and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa, contact ICSD Mentoring Coordinator, Val Maximovich at vmaximovich@independence.k12.ia.us or call (319)332-0626.