ICSD Science Department Challenges Students with Hands-On Labs

October 7 , 2016, (Independence, IA) – With the school year under way in the Independence Community School District (ICSD) the junior high science department is challenging students with hands-on labs as a way to strengthen students’ knowledge.

The 7th and 8th grade science classes have been busy experimenting and problem solving.

The 7th grade science students are working on a lab to help them better understand the scientific method. Part A of the lab required the students to find out how many drops of water could fit onto a penny; when finished with part A they continued onto part B. In the second portion of the lab students were given 2 plastic beakers with food coloring. One of the beakers was plain water and the other one had salt added. Students had to figure out which beaker had the unknown substance and which was only water.

While the 7th graders were learning about the scientific method, 8th grade Earth Science classes were busy learning about the Grand Canyon. The beginning activity had students write questions about the Grand Canyon, share their questions with a group, and then sort the entire class’s questions into categories. The question/categories were then posted in the classroom and as the class studies this area, students will begin to check off the answers to as many questions as possible.

Principal John Howard states, “I am proud of our science teachers for incorporating more hands-on activities in the junior high classrooms. These learning opportunities offer the students to better exhibit their knowledge and skills in science.”
If you would like more information about the ICSD Science Department contact Principal Howard at jhoward@independence.k12.ia.us or call the school at 319-334-7400. For more information on the Independence Community School District, visit their website.

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7th Graders learning about the scientific method