ICSD Seniors Achieve Great Scores

September 20, 2016 (Independence, IA) – The Independence Community School District (ICSD) recently received the score summary from the Class of 2016 ACT tests. The report received reflects the achievement of our graduates on the ACT over time and is an indication of the extent to which they are prepared for college level work. According to the letter, “The ACT consists of curriculum-based tests of education success in first-year college coursework.”

Principal Howard is pleased to share that for the 3rd consecutive year, our students scored above the state average in composite. ICSD Seniors have scored above average in Science and Reading the past five years and have scored above average in Mathematics and English the past three years. This testing shows that our students are on track for college level course-work and this is something to be proud of.

Some other ACT data to consider:
6 students (10.1%) scored 30 or above in English (including one 36)
4 students (6.8%) scored 30 or above in Math
9 students (15.3%) scored 30 or above in Reading
4 students (6.8%) scored 30 or above in Science

Principal Howard notes, “I am, once again, pleased with the scores. I was also very impressed with the reading score at 23.8 (state average is 22.7) as well as the percentage of students meeting the benchmark in College English Composition and College Social Science! As I have stated many times, we (as a school/district) are doing a lot of things “right” for our students to achieve at this level. Great job by ALL!

For more information about the ACT Test please visit their website at www.ACT.org or contact Mr. Howard at 319-334-7400.


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