ICSD Staff Recognized for Living the Mustang Way

In an effort to pay tribute to Independence Community School District (ICSD) employees who support the vision, mission, and goals of the ICSD school district and truly “Live the Mustang Way”, ICSD Superintendent and district principals have developed a “Living the Mustang Way” Employee Recognition Plan.

This “Live the Mustang Way” Recognition Plan is designed to recognize those individuals within the district who demonstrate exceptional performance, exemplary service, commitment to education, and who epitomize “Living the Mustang Way.”

District employees can nominate any employee or team of employees for the “Live the Mustang Way” Recognition Program by filling out and returning an internal nomination sheet to the appropriate building administrator. Nominees will be recognized monthly at the professional development day breakfast with a certificate, a note from ICSD superintendent and recognition by the school board at a school board meeting.  Additionally, each staff member who takes the time to nominate someone will also receive a note from the superintendent thanking them for recognizing a co-worker.

The first round of nominees were recognized at the February 20th professional development breakfast and school board meeting. These nominees include:

Christie Litterer
Christie is the guidance counselor at East Elementary. She is recognized for going above and beyond to make a positive impact on the students and staff at East Elementary.

Dennis Corkery
Dennis is the custodian at East Elementary. He is recognized for the great care he takes not only of the East Elementary Building but of the staff and students too.

Kris Martin and Tracy Steger
Kris and Tracy are teachers at the Jr/Sr High School. They are recognized for taking the lead in communicating, fundraising, and showing tremendous commitment to the Josh Payton family.

Sonya Elzey and Tiffany Lampe
Sonya is a teacher at the Jr/Sr High School and Tiffany is a paraeducator at the Jr/Sr High School. They are recognized for providing outstanding leadership for the Junior High After School Intervention Program.

Mary Kozlowski
Mary is a 3rd grade teacher at West. She is recognized for her enthusiasm and commitment to excellence as well as her contribution to the success of all of her students.

Jami Tekippe
Jami is a secretary at West Elementary. She is recognized for her experience, knowledge, and compassion for all staff, students, and parents at West Elementary.

Lori Kurt, Michael Doyle, Kay Reidy and Angie Bonefas
These four teachers are our Instructional Coaches this year. They are recognized for going above and beyond to help launch our district’s TLC Plan and provide valuable assistance to our teachers and administrators every day.

Superintendent Russell Reiter states, “Our staff members do so many great things each and every day to enhance the lives of our students. The Administrative Team and I are extremely proud of our staff and we wanted to be able to have a plan in place to recognize their special efforts.”

For more information on the “Living the Mustang Way” Employee Recognition Plan, contact ICSD Superintendent Russell Reiter at rreiter@independence.k12.ia.us.