ICSD Utilizes Facebook to Connect with District Residents

January 27, 2012 ‐ Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It claims more than 800 million active users with more than 50% of users logging onto Facebook at least once per day (statistics courtesy of Facebook). The Independence Community School District (ICSD) recognizes this important communication tool and is using the platform to share the wonderful things the district’s students and faculty accomplish every day.

Facebook has made its presence known in large and small communities alike. There are an estimated 5,820 Facebook users in the Rowley, Brandon and Independence zip codes (courtesy of Facebook Ads). ICSD also has countless Alumni from all years using Facebook from areas outside the district. This offers ICSD a huge advantage to use a free platform to share information with a large target audience.

The goal of using Facebook in the ICSD marketing plan is to engage current district residents as well as alumni by sharing stories, events, images and accomplishments from our schools. Since mid‐January ICSD has become more aggressive in using Facebook. The district has experienced an increase in Facebook Likes (the number of Facebook users who follow the District’s Facebook Page) and an approximately 195% increase in Total Reach (the number of Facebook users who have been exposed to content from the District’s Facebook Page).

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to “Like” Independence Schools on Facebook and join us in spreading positive news about our extraordinary students and faculty!


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