Indee Ag Ed Program History

September 27, 2013 (Independence, IA) – The Independence Community School District (ICSD) would likmr andrewse to thank an ICSD alumni for letting us know that the history surrounding the end of Vocational Agriculture (now known as Agricultural Education) contained in the new Jr./Sr. High School Commemorative Edition was not accurate.

It is accurate that Vocational Agriculture and the FFA Chapter have been absent from the district for 50 years (ending in 1963).  However, contrary to what was reported, Vocational Agriculture and the FFA Chapter did not end as a result of the Vocational Agricultural instructor passing away.

ICSD sought to find out what really happened.  After researching old board minutes found in the vault and reading through the “Annuals” (i.e., class year books) from the 1960s, it was discovered that Mr. Clyde Andrews taught Vocational Agriculture for ICSD until the program and FFA Chapter were disbanded in 1963.  Mr. Andrews went on to teach elective courses in agriculture education for roughly another 10 years.

Mr. Alvin Klein then taught part-time agriculture education classes until 1973 when ICSD discontinued the general agriculture classes.

There are currently 146 students taking courses in the newly founded ICSD Agricultural Education Program. Rachael Emig, program instructor, has worked with students to set up a new FFA chapter. Students have already elected FFA officers and will be hosting a guest speaker from the National FFA Central Region for National Teach Ag Day on September 26th.

If you have questions regarding the ICSD Agricultural Education Program, please contact Rachael Emig, Program mr kleinInstructor at or (319) 334-7400. You can also follow the program on


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