Independence staff spreads positivity with Mobile Affirmation Board

December 28, 2020 (Independence, IA) – In a year where seeing the bright side of things sometimes seems impossible, staff members at the Jr/Sr High School managed to find a way to spread positive vibes throughout the building.

Students pass along Mobile Affirmations

Once the Mobile Affirmation Board had stopped at every classroom, students helped delivered the finished product to each teacher.

Mobile Affirmation Board

A Mobile Affirmation Board made the rounds to each Jr/Sr High classroom during the months of November and December. Teachers wrote words of encouragement before the board moved on to the next classroom.

Throughout the months of November and December, staff at the Jr/Sr High School wrote positive affirmations to each other on a Mobile Affirmation Board as part of a Capturing Kids Hearts Initiative project. The traveling board moved throughout the building, stopping at each classroom. Staff members then wrote positive statements to each teacher before moving the board to the next classroom.

Capturing Kids Hearts Initiative Leader Sonya Elzey says the project’s success is a result of a group effort, including staff members coming together to recognize one another and students helping to keep the project going.

“This project wouldn’t have worked or been successful without all of us involved,” said Elzey. “While it is very important for us to affirm our students and help provide positive words of encouragement to them, it is just as important for us to let each other know how much they are appreciated.”

Although staff and students are socially distancing this school year, this activity allowed them to connect and provide words of encouragement. The last week before Christmas break, students helped to deliver each teacher their poster of affirmations. Elzey said staff members loved getting their posters and have read and re-read over the comments they received.

Principal John Howard is proud of the impact this project has had on staff and students alike, and says the timing was perfect.

“I am very proud of our CKH Initiative Leader, Sonya Elzey, and our Process Champions Team for organizing and leading this activity,” said Howard. “Not only was it a great way for staff to recognize each other, but it was also tremendous timing. These positive statements were an excellent ‘gift’ during the holiday season.”

Elzey says the plan is to continue sharing positivity among staff and students through the Capturing Kids Hearts Initiative in the coming months.