Installation of Air Conditioning Now Complete in All Buildings

August 25, 2016 (Independence, IA) – Even though the dog days of summer may be behind us, the heat of the season tends to linger well into the beginning of the school year. With the addition of air conditioning to West Elementary, the Independence Community School District (ICSD) is glad to say that heat will no longer be a hindrance for students, staff and the community. When it comes to school days; there will no longer be the worry about early dismissals due to heat.

The process of adding air conditioning to all the ICSD buildings has been a step by step process. The initial stage was adding air conditioning to the East Elementary building in the summer of 2015. With this final addition of air conditioning to West Elementary, all district buildings now have the comfort of air conditioning.

Superintendent Russell Reiter states, “It is very nice to have all buildings now climate controlled. The weather in August and also in the late spring/early summer is so unpredictable. Often times it can be extremely warm and humid during these time periods. With the air conditioning in place, our buildings are much more comfortable for learning during both the school year and also during summer school.”

For more information about the Independence Community School District, please visit their website or contact Superintendent Russell Reiter 319-334-7400.


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