Mustangs Collaborate with Oelwein Students to Showcase AV Tech Capabilities

Did You Know?

A small group of students from the Oelwein school’s worked alongside Independence tech and music students and staff to help setup a music concert for the 2016 Relay For Life!

The Oelwein students are a part of a Summer School program that is taught by Oelwein High School Band director, Cory McBride. The Oelwein students have been learning the basics of audio and lighting systems, technologies, and auditorium and theater systems. The group visited the Independence Jr./Sr. High School Auditorium to gain hands on experience with advanced audio, lighting, and video equipment. The session also consisted of a tour of the venue lead by ICSD Auditorium Manager, Travis McBride; volunteer technician, Michael Ellis; and alumni Amanda Enos, who is currently a video technician for KGAN-CBS2/Fox28 of Cedar Rapids. Independence and Oelwein students worked together while ICSD staff and volunteers showcased the venue and demonstrated advanced lighting technologies that Mustang art’s and athletic spectators have come accustomed to seeing at local events. The session ended with the setup for local high school band “Three Fifteen”, who performed during the Relay For Life event.

McBride stated, “This was a unique opportunity for not only our students who were involved but the staff as well. It’s not often we get to work with students from other communities. The chance to host students in our auditorium is always exciting but this time more so as we were able to showcase the significant amounts of advanced technologies our venue has to offer. The students from both schools worked hard and had fun collaborating together. There was a lot to take pride in whether just being able to say that this is how we operate at Independence or that we have technologies and opportunities to offer our students on a regular basis that other districts can’t.”

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