Rental Opportunities Available at District’s 7-12 Facility

July 14, 2014 (Independence, IA) – With Summer activities and many local community events upon us, the Independence Community School District (ICSD) would like to remind the community that the District does offer the 7-12 facility space for rent.

The District has already had many groups rent space at the school in just this first year of operation; these groups include the Living Last Supper, auctions, dinners, company stakeholder meetings, Camp Creamery Theatre and more.

Matt Haddy, Assistant Activities Coordinator, states that, “The mutual feedback we’ve gotten is very positive.  Renting groups have told us that our rental prices and guidelines are very fair and reasonable, some groups are even going as far to say that they would have been willing to pay more for such a professional facility.”

The District generated their rental prices and contract terms by spending ample time researching other local school district and community rental facilities, ultimately landing their fee schedule right at, or even slightly below, the majority of other rental places in the area.  Additionally, the District includes the use of their resident technician, assistant technician and custodial staff in their fees.  The District understands that its facilities may not fit every group’s needs and distinguishes that the Board of Education does reserve the right to deny the use of District facilities at any time.

Per District Code 906, there are four categories established for the purpose of determining the level of rental fees

Category I

School sponsored Groups – Any organized group or organization directly connected with Independence Community Schools (student councils, school bands, choirs, drama presentations, student lectures, workshops, student art displays, etc.). Must have a designated faculty member to supervise.

Category II

School Community Groups – (Booster Club, Music Boosters, PTO/Parent groups, Mustang Foundation, Mentors, and other groups) whose primary purpose is school related. Fees may be charged on the basis of services rendered

Category IIIgym

Community Non-Profit Groups – Community non-profit groups are defined as governmental agencies or groups (Scouts, P.A.C., 4-H, church groups, Lions Club, Rotary, parochial schools), primarily comprised of District residents providing civic, educational, or cultural activities. Rent and service fees will be charged.

Category IV

Any private, non-district and/or profit-making group whose interests are limited primarily to the membership or for profit; e.g., for-profit businesses, vendors, entrepreneurs, commercial institutions, private agencies. Rent and service fees will be charged.

Moreover, the rental of space at the Junior Senior High School is used as an income generator, with all proceeds going into the General Fund; which helps offset amounts for items such as faculty and staff salaries and benefits which account for approximately 80 percent of most districts’ General Fund budgets.

Haddy reiterates, “The 7-12 facility is a very professional and viable rental option for many groups, companies and organizations.  We are happy to say we have been very busy and are hopeful to increase the number of events held here next year.”

The spaces available to rent include the auditorium, gymnasium, kitchen area and more.  For rental inquiries or for more information on the District’s rental contract, please contact Associate Activities Director, Matt Haddy, at or call 319.334.7400.


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