Alarm System at New JR / SR High School Comes to the Rescue; Alerts Officials to Sprinkler Line Burst During Subzero Temps

January 8, 2014 (Independence, IA) – The subzero temperatures have affected many Independence residents and businesses this winter, including the Independence Junior/Senior High School.   However, thanks to the fully featured, automated alarm system in the new school, a potentially larger issue was averted over the winter break.

Students and staff were out of the building on January 8th with classes cancelled due to the extreme subzero temperature. A sprinkler line froze in one area of the building that needed additional insulation above the ceiling.

The school’s new alarm system went off immediately after the sprinkler burst and the Independence Fire Department quickly arrived at the scene.  Although water spread on the floor in portions of the administrative office area, the junior high locker pod area, the work room, and one classroom, the water did not harm any equipment or cause any permanent damage.  Thanks to the hard work of the Independence Fire Department and ICSD staff, they were able to contain the water and clean it up quickly.  Larson Construction has already repaired a few areas of damaged drywall and assisted with the cleanup.  Additional insulation has also been added to the particular area exposed by the subzero temperatures.

Superintendent Russell Reiter stated that “The Independence Fire Department, school district staff and Larson Construction should be commended for their fast response and dutiful support to address this situation.  We are also very thankful to have a highly automated alarm system in place to help protect our new facility in the event of extreme weather or conditions that might otherwise be beyond our control”, said Peterson.


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