Staff Participate in Active Shooter Training

April 17, 2017, (Independence, IA) – On Monday, March 20th during the scheduled professional development day, the Independence Community School District (ICSD) staff members participated in an active shooter program.

Training was held at each building and staff members from the Administration building also participated. Staff members that were not on site for the professional development day were also encouraged to attend.

The active shooter training was a collaborative effort between local law enforcement, emergency management personnel and the school district. The training provided was the next step in educating our staff members on how to handle an active shooter after the initial ALICE training that took place in the spring of 2015.

During the training, staff members were exposed to different scenarios involving an active shooter inside the building. Law enforcement personnel acted out the scenarios and then lead staff in briefing sessions after each one. The main goal of the day was for staff members to practice responding as quickly and as safely as possible in these events.

Superintendent Russell Reiter states, “Along with all of the other safety drills we do every year with our staff and students, we feel it is important to practice the active shooter drills too. Although having active shooters in any of our buildings is not something we want to think about, it is vital that we make sure our staff is prepared for these kinds of situations. We are also very fortunate to have the cooperation of several area law enforcement and emergency management entities to help us practice these drills. Not only did they practice these drills with us, they helped us debrief each scenario as well.”

Principal Howard said, “We sincerely appreciate all the individuals who helped organize and complete this training for our staff members. These drills are invaluable to promote and enhance our top priority—the safety of our students and staff.”

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