Buchanan County Success Center (BCSC)

Buchanan County Success Center (BCSC) is an alternative program serving the Independence, Jesup, and East Buchanan school districts. Students attend BCSC for a variety of reasons with one common attribute: due to their current life situation, they are not experiencing success in the sending district’s traditional high school setting. BCSC is concerned with the total student including social, emotional, and academic growth. The program provides a safe, structured, and supportive environment as well as opportunities for skill development and community involvement. The curriculum is self-paced and independent in nature with technology integration. For more information, please see the Buchanan County Success Center's website.

BCSC Full-Time Handbook  |  2023-2024

Shelly Bertelli

BCSC Coordinator

Phone: 319-334-7440
Email: sbertelli@indeek12.org

Erin Maurer

Special Education Associate

Email: emaurer@indeek12.org