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Standards Referenced Grading

Purpose of Grading

  1. Measure (gather evidence of) current learning with regards to the standards.
  2. Provide feedback to students, teachers, and parents.
  3. Communication tool for staff, students, and parents.

Standards Referenced Grading

The term standards referenced grading refers to instructional approaches that are aligned to learning standards.  In other words, standards referenced, refers to the use of learning standards to guide what gets taught and assessed in schools.  Standards referenced grading measures how well an individual student is doing in relation to the grade level/course standards, not the work of other students.  A standards based grade reporting system is designed to inform you about your child’s progress toward achieving specific learning standards.  The Iowa Core Standards establish high and challenging expectations for all students.  They describe what students should know and be able to do and serve as the basis for the Independence Community School District’s curriculum, instruction, and assessment model.  You can view these standards here, Iowa Core Standards.

Grading Principles

  1. Consistent 4 point scale used
  2. Letter grades, derived from the 4 point scale, should be based solely on achievement of course/grade level standards
  3. Student behaviors should be reported separately
  4. Scores based on a “body of evidence”
  5. Achievement organized by standard/priority standard and reported that way
  6. Students should have multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency

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Administration Office
1207 1st Street West
Independence, IA 50644

Phone: 319-334-7400

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